Should Homework Be Banned? Why It Should Remain

The general views from the students perspective is that homework doesn’t exit them since there are more interesting things that can take up the time scheduled for doing assignments. Truth be told- school homework is no more exciting today than many years ago. It was challenging to complete assignments yet there were no much distractions than there are today. The student of today’s world stays in an environment that includes smart phones, instant chat messaging, social networking, and exciting video games.

While there are students who feel that doing homework is a waste of time, there are some who understand the intrinsic value of assignments and take responsibility for doing it correctly and submitting it on time. Those who comfortably work on their assignments view their education differently. The know education should take priority before they jump into other things. It helps them to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some reasons why is homework important.

  • Working on assignments helps the students learn time managements skills. They learn to have a schedule of activities and make plans of completing homework first. It set them up to manage time well, a skill that will be useful during senior years, tertiary level and eventually the workforce. It therefore becomes a habit to them and not an inconvenience.
  • It help learners to set priorities, a skill that enable them plan their school life.
    It enable teachers to understand and determine how well the students are understanding the lessons and concepts been taught in class. It help them to track students’ progress making it easier to spot and help the struggling students which will later become critical during parent-teacher interviews.
  • It helps students to develop problem solving skills.
    It provides an opportunity for learners to review class notes and other learning materials on their own.
  • It provides parents with an opportunity to know what is going on school and appreciate the education the kid is getting.
  • It helps the students to understand the need to do things even where they are uncomfortable.
  • It helps students take responsibility for their part in the education learning process.
  • It helps students to learn how to work independently.
  • It teaches students the importance of been focused, organized, and taking actions

Here are some two reasons why some people disapprove the importance of homework.

  • It takes up free time –this is a common arguments among parents and students that doing assignments will eats up time meant for family, extracurricular activities and catching up with friends
  • Excess assignments wears down the kids – sitting down to do homework when the kid has been busy in school the whole day can be a monumental task. In some extreme cases, some students become stressed and can lead to sleep deprivation.

From the above discussion, the benefits of homework outride the cons. It affirms the believe that homework is critical in the education learning process. In situations where a students feels overwhelmed, he can seek professional help from a good homework writing service.

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